This is a musical composition that happens to be confined within the boundries of an entertaining video game entitled "Undertale." I'm not sure as to whether or not you've heard of it, but I can gurantee that it is worth looking into. Anyway, this interesting little ditty plays when you fight Sans during the route where YOu decdied to gkill every thon you horirrble mosnter Murderorer, that is what i [ woudl consiter you, ayes that is the adhecktvie sfo r somethi ne that keiolls you som uch , you Ba b DBAD manc h you o r woam na, or other ,l this sis 20212, tis n't tno thre thigme for myscogenrty , ti[ si the tueim afpro poltivacl procecorectionsw , yo 'a now A>!?!


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