HELLO! So here's how you make spagghetti.

1. Get spagghetti

2. Get Water(This may be hard to find)

3. Put the water on the stove

4. Make the stove as hot as possible

5. Pound some veggies out of this world to get the sauce

6. Scrape the sauce into a bowl and stir

7. Eat!!

8. Optional step: Add some Bofa into the spagghetti

Sans: And some up-dog

Papyrus: SANS!! This is my page!

Sans: What about up-dog?

Papyrus: What's up-dog?

Sans: ... Heh

Papyrus: SANS!

Sans: Alright back to puns

Papyrus: Sans, that wasn't a pun?

Sans: No it was, but you believed that?

Papyrus: Come on Sans, no more jokes.

Sans: Awwww, are you not feeling too humerus?

Papyrus: Stop punishing me!

Sans: Say that again.

Papyrus: I said, stop punishin-

Papyrus: Oh

Sans: Well my part here is done.

Papyrus: Sans?

Sans: Yeah?

Papyrus: You're dead to me.

Sans: I am dead, you know.


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